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Laser Etching on Products

Laser engraving is a method by which a laser is used to carve a design or text into a metal or glass material. This is different from traditional printing as the laser removes rather than adds. Laser engraving has seen wide use to etch company brands and logos into products made from glass, metals, stone, hardwood, leather and coated metal materials. It is popular due to its edgy and permanent design as well as its resistant impression over other printing methods.

what is promotional laser engravingWhat is Promotional Laser Engraving?

Promotional laser engraving is the utilising of this etching method to imprint your specific company brand or logo onto a promotional product of your choice. We can vary the intensity of the laser to engrave at different depths and suit your preference. Due to this advanced technology, the choices for laser engraving typically lean towards items such as branded key rings, customised clocks, watches, glass or crystal trophies, personalised business card holders, metal stationery and much more!

How Does Laser Engraving Work

First, we obtain your desired brand or logo. Then, we place your promotional product in the engraving machine and an operator will control the laser beam as a pencil in order to trace the logo, brand or text design onto the surface of your product. Here they can manipulate the direction, intensity and speed at which the laser beam will move. By not having any blades, ink or other components, nothing needs to be replaced and ensures uniformity in each engraving.

The laser then slowly strips layers off your promotional product, exposing the underneath material. If your item has a colour already applied to its surface, the laser will simply expose the regular colour beneath to contrast the applied colour with the main colour.


Laser engraving is advantageous as it:

  • Can be applied to small and intricate objects as well as apply detailed and high-quality designs. Additionally, it can be used on a greater amount of materials as opposed to traditional printing;
  • Has no additional parts, so it offers consistency and minimal room for error in its engraving;
  • Quick, being substantially faster than the traditional methods of printing;
  • Offers permanency, being resistant to wear and tear unlike other traditional methods of printing;


However, laser engraving is still limited in certain areas:

  • It cannot cover too large a surface area, curved surfaces or particular materials like plastic;
  • There is no colour involved with laser engraving, limiting it to the colour of the material of the product;
  • Laser engraving machinery is difficult to operate and is not environmentally friendly as it uses a vast amount of energy.


Laser engraving is a flashy method of embedding your brand, logo or text on a promotional product. It has clear advantages over traditional printing being quick and consistent but is still restricted in the material it can be applied on and a lack of any colour. Regardless, it is still one of the best ways of promoting your brand on metallic and glassware. 

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