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Embroidering on Products

Embroidery is a method of decorating fabric or similar materials with a needle and thread. Most of the clothing we wear today will be embroidered with a special pattern or feature. In a modern era, embroidery is heavily used in promotional products, where machines are able to embellish bulk products such as apparel, headwear and a variety of bags.

what is promotional embroideryWhat is Promotional Embroidery?

Promotional embroidery is a means of affixing your unique company logo, brand or image on your choice of fabric. Our promotional embroidery goes above typical handicraft to efficiently stitch your brand through automated systems and provide the perfect means of promotion. Even though we utilise machines to perform the stitching, we still incorporate a human element to correctly programme and provide the final approval of your promotional item.

How We Embroider Promotional Products

Embroidery begins by us obtaining your digitised design and converting that image into a format suitable for the machines to read. Next, we prepare the machines by loading specific thread colours by hand. The machine is programmed to sew in a particular manner but the garments must still be hooped personally and loaded into the machine. Once the stitching is complete, extra threads are removed and trimming touches are done to perfect your promotional product.


Embroidery is an advantageous promotional method as it is:

  • Efficient, especially when performed by a machine. Turn around time is also quicker as machines are able to operate in bulk meaning time and money is saved by you. This is also beneficial opposed to other methods such as screen or pad printing as there is no drying time, meaning products are ready immediately upon completion;
  • Reliable. As machines are autonomously embroidering your desired items there is minimal chance of human error in the physical act of stitching;
  • Has no limit as to the number of colours used and colours are able to be mixed;
  • Durable, especially when compared to screen or pad printing, embroidered products do not typically wear off, even when washed. They also give off the appearance of being high quality as opposed to print.


Although, embroidery is still limited in certain regards:

  • As embroidery consists of sewing, it can only be used on fabric or similar materials. This means your promotional products are limited to items such as clothes, hats and certain bags. Moreover, sewing may limit detail in some designs, especially with respect to shading and small details;
  • Embroidery is also charged on the number of stitches used rather than the amount of colour used. This means that the bigger your design the more expensive it will be.


Embroidery is an effective promotional technique that provides your brand with an appearance of high quality and professionalism. Its reliability and durability make it one of our most popular promotional products but you should consider how the size of your design will affect the cost and remember that you are limited to apparel, headwear and some bags. 

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