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Promotional Backpacks

You cannot go wrong with a traditional backpack to act as a promotional tool for your unique brand or logo. Backpacks are used on a daily basis so this is an ideal way of having a mobile and constant means of marketing. Our promotional backpacks are designed to carry substantial weight and we ensure a durable and cost effective rucksack. Additionally, our backpacks come in a range of sizes, colours and designs, making them suitable for every occasions. Our backpacks are also easily customisable through screen printing or embroidery to have your brand or logo effectively stand out on this promotional item.

How We Customise Your Backpacks

Our decoration team utilities either screen printing or embroidery to customise your promotional backpack. Screen printing allows for single spot colours and simple designs but over large surface areas. Screen printing is an economical and effective way to result in your logo appearing crisp and vibrant. Conversely, embroidery adds an authentic feel to your brand through interwoven stitching to provide your brand or logo with a more premium finish. This form of decorating is typically used on smaller areas but will provide your backpack with personality. If you seek something grander, full colour transfer print allows us to create full colour effects on your backpack by having your graphics pre-printed onto an individual transfer sheet. This sheet is then heated and applied to your backpack to create a dazzling effect to truly stand out.

Why Buy Promotional Backpacks?

Promotional backpacks are a perfect gift as they are appropriate for all ages and for all occasions. Backpacks are highly popular among students, gym goers and outdoorsy people. It is great to have a reliable and all-purpose bag, but our backpacks go beyond this by coming with unique features like additional internal and external compartments for extra space and storage. As the premium bags become more expensive, we recommend ordering in bulk for a sweet discount! And to make things even better, we are situated locally in New Zealand, so we offer a fast turnaround time to suit your required needs.

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